Technical Expertise

Bang & Bonsomer's Technical Applications laboratories welcome you to the global world of cosmetic and industrial chemistry science and formulation.

BC-LAB is a team of enthusiastic and passionate people with more than 10 years of experience in application formulation development.

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Technical  Expertise

Technical Expertise

BC-LAB is an important platform for our business,

helping to develop and promote our product portfolio. The experts at BC-LAB are actively researching the ingredient market. By finding better and more technologically advanced materials from innovative manufacturers, testing and comparing raw products, and experimenting with new solutions we are able to adapt our service to the needs of any quality manufacturer.

We maintain an in-house ingredient database that allows us to promptly respond to queries about specific ingredients and find alternative materials based on performance, functional characteristics, and regulatory parameters.

We ensure that all of our raw materials are compliant with EU-EcoLabel, COSMOS, Nordic Swan as well as Asthma Allergy Nordic, thus creating a highly customised range of ingredients that each manufacturer can use within their market and its specific requirements.

Inspiring and Encouraging Our Customers to Create New Products

We are constantly developing exciting new versions of our formulations and creating new and sustainable combinations of different ingredients. We evaluate the effectiveness of ingredients and provide technical guidance to help customers use our products more efficiently. We also develop product catalogues according to specific product characteristics and customer applications.

BC-LAB Formulation specialists are passionate in inspiring new trends and creating customised formulation solutions for our customers. 

We provide exclusive product information based on our in-house testing and experience, assisting you in developing high-quality products. Additionally, we collaborate with external business partner laboratories, sharing expertise and tapping into an even wider network of resources. 

BC-LAB offers:

  • Customised formulation
  • Technical guidelines for ingredients
  • In-house database of ingredients by application
  • Product prototype samples
  • Application tests
  • Technical webinar and seminar
  • Lab workshops

We work with a wide range of formulation types for Personal Care, Home Care, I&I and we are here to help and assist you in bringing your ideas to life.