Business Policy & Sustainability

As a company, the Bang & Bonsomer Group firmly believes in being a good corporate citizen and adhering to the principles of sustainability.

As a business unit of Bang & Bonsomer, Beauty & Clean adheres to the principles of the Group and, in addition, implements the following practices:

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Business Policy & Sustainability

  • Experience and Know-howKnowledge of the industry is one of the most important factors we consider essential. Bang & Bonsomer has more than 90 years of expertise in smart material technologies and we strive to pass on this knowledge to our new employees and to learn more through various and continuous training programmes.

  • People First People are the key to any business. So, it doesn’t matter if we talk about our team or our customers, people always come first. This is why we apply our Bang & Bonsomer value code to our team. Our 360 customer care principles are used to ensure that we provide the best possible service to our customers. We therefore take good care of our team and our customers.

  • Honesty and Strong Ethics We value honesty and strong ethics in everything we do.

  • Sustainability – We carefully select the ingredients in our product portfolio and always give preference not only to the most efficient raw materials, but to ingredients that are sustainable, with minimal negative impact on the environment and on human and animal health. Together with our customers, we believe in the power of green and safe chemistry, because when we create something new, we must always think about the future of our planet and the health of our children.

  • Innovation and Trends We are always on the lookout for smarter, quicker, and more cost-effective solutions to tackle the industry’s growing challenges. That is why we are constantly exploring innovative approaches to breathe new life into traditional problems.

  • Our Ambition Is to Increase Our Customers’ Profits –  If our customers do well, we do well. As simple as that.