WE ARE passionate, innovative, smart, and distinctive

The Bang & Bonsomer Group's Beauty & Clean business unit is striving to be the best in its field. Bang & Bonsomer Group focuses on developing and delivering smart material technologies. We have been providing functional and performance ingredients and solutions to the to the world's industries since 1927. Beauty & Clean business unit focuses on serving Personal Care, Home care and I&I industries with sustainable solutions and expertise.

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About  Us

About Us

Our passion is what makes us who we are.

To ensure our customers the best possible service, we are constantly looking for more sustainable ingredients and specialised solutions.

Together with our partners, we provide high quality chemicals, innovative raw materials and packaging solutions, and development for Personal care, Home care, and I&I industries.

Our Values

Our commitment is to create products that are sustainable and valued by our customers.

At the heart of our work are advanced technologies, sustainable and high-quality ingredients, safe and valuable products, efficacy molecules, social responsibility, natural authenticity, science, and well-being. We believe in continuous improvement and learning.

We Take Pride in

Our work focuses on providing sustainable solutions for the Beauty, Home care and I&I industries. As a responsible company, we believe we can create a better world.

From Ingredients and Product Ideas to Market Concepts

Beauty & Clean BU has state-of-the-art Technical Application Centres where we develop exciting new product formulas and concepts. Technical experts in our global application laboratories test ingredients and develop innovative combinations.  With our competitive and effective solutions, we inspire our customers to create modern products and high-value beauty.

We offer our customers technical workshops, on-demand training, and customised support.

Beauty & Clean BU in Numbers

  • 25 new formulas annually
  • 5+ new solutions/concepts annually
  • 950 clients world-wide
  • 30 sales professionals
  • 4 technical specialists
  • 2 application centres
  • 2500+ performance ingredients
  • 1300+ fragrances in the in-house library
  • 1000+ packaging solutions

We offer a wide array of functional and performance ingredients to meet your needs as well as a wide range of different packaging solutions. If you cannot find what you are looking for in our existing portfolio, our team of experts is ready to find the best substitute or develop a new formula to meet your needs.